Discover a new way to invest at distance and capitalize on Africa’'s rapid growth across the board.

LelapaFund is an online investment platform granting you access to investment opportunities in Africa’'s most promising startups and small businesses. Whether you are interested in accessing opportunities in frontier markets at a low entry ticket, diversifying your portfolio, sharing in the future success of companies back home or just want to dabble in new markets, our cutting-edge service is the answer.


LelapaFund provides exposure to previously untapped opportunities in high-growth African markets. Our sectoral focus is consumer products and services, tech start-ups, clean energy and health. If you're unfamiliar with the African market, let yourself be guided by the collective knowledge of diaspora investors on product trends and true risk assessment.


LelapaFund's local team vets all companies according to a three-step process that screens for team, product, market, business plan and exit scenarii. Our target selection rate is 5%. We ensure the quality of all offerings and honorability of entrepreneurs through rigorous due diligence that includes site visits, a pre-campaign technical diagnostic, management team interviews and background checks. 


LelapaFund'’s payment service provider ensures a simple and secure online payment process for investors around the world. Advantageous transfer fees and currency conversion rates make small investments economically feasible. All legal documents are signed online, taking the pain out of distance investing.


Witness the impact of your individual investment through regular communication with entrepreneurs, and spread the word about your investments to your wider network. Contribute more than just capital by sharing your expertise as a mentor where possible.
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